This product claims to effectively and effortlessly exfoliate, help brighten and even the skin tone (after just one use). Leaving the skin feeling smoothed, polished, conditioned and glowing. It’s also supposed to help prevent in-growing hairs and help smoothing bumps on the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and dermatologically tested.

Here is my thoughts of this product. It has a nice smell, not my favorite, I like more fruity, fresh, citrusy kind of scents, and this is more floral scented imo. The smell lingers a little bit, and I like that. It has some oils in it, and that makes the skin feel so soft after using it. It also has the perfect amount of scrubbing salts and sugar in it, so it gives a perfect peeling effect, it removes of all my dry skin. The price is amazing too! It costs around 150 SEK which is about 15 $.

I will definitely purchase this one again, and again… And again 😊 Also, I want to try out more of Soap & Glory Scrubs to see if I find a scent that I like more.