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Currently trying out these two products, one for the lashes and one for the brows. Started to use them July 15th, and in six weeks or so, I will post an update with some pictures of before and after. I’m so exited, and I really hope for fuller brows and more lashes, because mine are a bit sparce.

My first impression is good. Some lashserums tend to sting the eyes and make the lashline look red, but so far I havn’t noticed anything like that. Can’t see any difference yet though, it takes several weeks to see results of products like these.

Makeup Mekka Falsies; Romantic

Ok, how do I start this? Well, I don’t like them 🤷‍♀️ The lashband shows however I do, because it’s kind of white to beguin with and nothing really sticks to it because of the material. Especially in the inner corner is a big problem, bescause it’s hard to get that part not to be seen. The lashes look good and natural though, long and fluffy like real lashes.

You see the band, don’t you?
Beautiful lashes that looks natural.

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