y name is Anna, and I want to welcome you to my blog. I’m a total beautygeek from Sweden, and here I write about everything related to beauty. It will be mostly makeup and skin care, because that is what I’m most passionate about, but also some bodycare. There will be reviews, makeup, makeup advice, skin care tips and I will write about new products as well as those that have been out there on the shelves for a long time. I’ll also give you tips on talented bloggers, YouTubers and instagramaccounts, so you can check out them too if you want to.

I like to wear makeup and I get inspired a lot by pictures and clips from Instagram and Youtube. I also find many tips on new products there, which means that many of them aren´t available in Sweden, but I order them directly from for example USA. This is one of the things that I hope will appeal to you; I will write about the products that are new and not always easy to find, but also about products you can get almost anywhere, as in many supermarkets. I hope this, as well as a mixture between expensive and cheap will be interesting for you as a reader.
It’s important to me that my readers can trust what I write, so it´s always my own opinions and experiences I write about, and if I get the products sent to me for testing I make it clear in the post. Furthermore, in terms of press releases of products, you can read about what I think here.

Do you have any questions, tips, comments or just want to say hello, please send me a message, I will be so glad to hear from you!

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