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Månad: augusti 2021


Today is a chill kind of day. I’m home with all of my four kids that have a cold, and today I woke up with a sore throat.

So today I’m resting as much as I possibly can. I’ve coloured my eyebrows though, and the rest of the day I will spend in the sun with my favorite magazine; Daisy Beauty.

Foreo Luna Mini

Ok, it’s pretty expensive, but let me tell you; It’s sooo good!

This little tool makes the skin feel much more clean. I really notice a difference in the softness of the skin, and in less breakouts when I use it frequently. My favorite way of using it is together with a very lathery cleanser, like the Holika Holika Black Snail Repair Cleansing Foam for example.

The batterytime is amazing, I’ve charged it like 6 times since I got it around 5 years ago and I use it often, not every night though. It’s also very easy to clean, since it’s made out of silicone.

It costs around 150 USD for the newer version of the one I have, and I know there are cheeper alternatives, but I havn’t tried any other brand of this kind of advice. I 100 percent recommend the Foreo Luna Mini but I would suggest getting it during a sale though because of the high pricepoint. The price is the only downside of this device and I will buy a new one for sure if mine ever stops working 😊


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