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My favorite sunscreen for the face

Absolutely love this sunscreen from La Roche-Posay! I heard the swedish influencer Margareta Grääs rave about it several times before I finally tried it, because I havn’t liked any of the sunscreens I’ve tried for my face before.

However, this summer is the summer of my new habits, and this is one of them. I’ve now used up an entire bottle of this product, and I have already bought a new one. It’ that good. I didn’t even think about trying another one, that’s how good it is!

My skin is normal, I have no direct issues with my skin, more than a pimple or two now and then, and sometimes I react around my eyes with eczema due to some products. The sunscreens I’ve tried before have all made me look and feel like a greasy mess in an hour.

However this product makes my skin feel hydrated without feeling greasy. I always put some kind of serum or moisturizer underneth the sunscreen though. It doesn’t give a white-cast and it goes into the skin so effortlessly. The skin keeps looking the same as when I put the product on, all day long. Can’t live without it!



Currently trying out these two products, one for the lashes and one for the brows. Started to use them July 15th, and in six weeks or so, I will post an update with some pictures of before and after. I’m so exited, and I really hope for fuller brows and more lashes, because mine are a bit sparce.

My first impression is good. Some lashserums tend to sting the eyes and make the lashline look red, but so far I havn’t noticed anything like that. Can’t see any difference yet though, it takes several weeks to see results of products like these.

Sample Beauty The Equalizer Palette

Don’t have that much to say about this palette. The shadows are ok, but they are not very pigmented. The shimmers are better than the mattes, but they are not very good either. Over all not a good palette. I gave it to my daughter to play with, let me just put it like that…

St Tropez Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Face Serum

The sun is finally coming out here in Sweden, and I looove it!!! ☀️

All summer long I’m in the sun as much as I possibly can. I tan pretty easy, so a few years ago I did not use SPF that much, but now I do, atleast in spring and summer. My goal is to to it all year around though.

Enough rambling 😅 Nowadays, I use SPF 30 or most often SPF 50 on my face, and therefore I don’t get a tan there. So I use self tanners on my face to match my body 😊

This is by far my favorite one out of the ones I’ve tried so far. I got a sample last year, and I’ve used the product ever since, exept for trying another one here and there.

It has an amazing serum consictancy and it goes into the skin so fast. It smells so nice when you put it on the face, no self tanner smell at all, but that comes later on. I can smell it a few hours after butting it on and even the day after if i wear a mask (as I do at work). That is the ONLY downside to this product. It gives perfect colour to my light skintone and if I want it deeper, I just put on a new layer two days in a row.

The price is ok, but it’s not cheap, it’s around 325 SEK, around 38$ here in Sweden. But one bottle lasts a long time for me since I don’t use it every day.


Makeup Mekka Falsies; Romantic

Ok, how do I start this? Well, I don’t like them 🤷‍♀️ The lashband shows however I do, because it’s kind of white to beguin with and nothing really sticks to it because of the material. Especially in the inner corner is a big problem, bescause it’s hard to get that part not to be seen. The lashes look good and natural though, long and fluffy like real lashes.

You see the band, don’t you?
Beautiful lashes that looks natural.

Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum

Got this sent to me as PR. It’s a serum that targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It’s formulated with an advanced form of tranexamic acid to visibly improve the appearance of dark spots, acne scars, melasma, and sun damage.

I get alot of hyperpigmentation on my upper lip, after my pregnancies. I also have some dark spots in the rest of my face, probably from sun damage, but I accualy like those 😊 So I will use this product on my upper lip, and see how well it works. I started using it a couple of days ago, and I THINK that I already see result, but can that really be true? So soon?

FLAER Brushes

Got these brushes and sponges sent to me as PR around Christmas, so I’ve been using them for a while now. I see my self reaching for the brushes over my other brushes accually, and that tells me something… They are sooo soft and they pick up product so good! The rounded blending brush really blend the shadows so effortlessly, and the detailed one is great to pack on eyeshadow on the lid and blend into the crease.

The sponges are very good as well, I always end up with a base that I like when I use them. They are very soft and squishy, just the way I like my sponges to be.


304 Detailed Blending Brush (99 SEK~11 USD)

302 Rounded Blending Brush (99 SEK~11 USD)

504 Velvet Blending Sponge (129 SEK~15 USD)

501 Soft Blending Sponge (129 SEK~15 USD)

The brushes from FLAER are vegan and made by recycled material. I think the pricepoint of their brushes are great for the quality you get.


NYX Glitter Primer

This is my favorite glitter primer. I’ve tried a few from different brands, like Makeupstore, Lime Crime and Lit Cosmetics, but this one is by far the best I’ve tried. It doesn’t destroy the makeup underneath it, as I find some other primers doing and it’s therefore very easy to work with. It also makes the glitter stick to the primer perfectly and it doesn’t crease. The price is great, compared to other brands as well.

If you’re thinking of getting one glitter primer, this is the one!

Wake Up Eye Gel by Good Molecules

Got this eye gel sent to me as PR from Good Molecules. I’ve tried it out a few times and I really like it so far.

The special thing with this eye gel is that it contains yerba mate, that is a natural source of rich antioxidants and polyphenols, known to stimulate body and mind.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? A rewiew will be up in a few weeks 😘

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